Environment Policies

Our principal

We Inaba rubber specializes in rubber mold mechanism parts and custom made rubber parts, plan, develop, manufacture and also expands business activities.
Following the abolishment of fluorocarbon in 1993, we have continuously taken steps towards energy conservation and environmental protection activities.
For maintaining the natural abundant environment that lasts Inaba rubber have taken the initiative in reducing the use of natural resources by cutting down unnecessary costs, developing environmental technologies and also open up new business.
And most of all to gain the trust among the public, we will continue to emphasis on environmental protection in our activity.

Environmental Policies

  1. We plan, develop manufacture, sell our products taking into consideration the environmental matter and continuously improve our environmental management system.
  2. Strictly observe environmental laws and regulations with regard to other effective environmental practices, technologically and within the budget contribute to the prevention of environmental pollution.
  3. Inaba rubber strives to make environmental protection of its important issue and will not participate in load reduction activities that has impact on the environment.
    In step of our environmental policy we give top priority for the following.
  4. We observe our environmental policies, keep up the management system organization, requesting co-operation from all employees so that every person can take part in the environmental activities.
  5. Heightening awareness and making the employees understand the environmental policies and also declaring our policies to the public.

1st March, 2004

Inaba rubber company, President