What is the special characteristic of INABA and what is the merit?
These are the most frequent asked questions.

■ About product planning support service.

What merit does the user get from the nonlinear finite element method (FEM) analysis provided at Inaba rubber planning support service?

These are the 3 most consulted issue.

  • How do I decide the kind of material to be used after deciding on the design?
  • Next, how do I know if the design is good enough?
  • How can I employ the analysis data of the existing model for a new product design.

Structural analysis based on the concept of finite elements techniques (FEM) is an important tool for the design of molded rubber such as rubber.

  • Estimation of shape deformation caused by external force.
  • Estimation of changes of the rubber quality and hardness.
  • Estimation of the rubber internal stress and resistance force level.

Analysis and estimation of the changes in the resistance force affected by design and the quality of the material could be carried out thus cutting down planning time and trial production resulting in reducing down costs.

[O-ring stress analysis model refernce]

Analysis type
Stress Distribution Stress Distribution(Before transformation) Before transformation Stress Distribution(After transformation) After transformation Stress Distribution(During transformation) During transformation
Resistance Distribution Resistance Distribution(Before transformation) Before transformation Resistance Distribution(After transformation) After transformation Resistance Distribution(During transformation) During transformation

■ Manufacturing of Original Packings

When producing customized packings, the service charges from Rubber Manufacturer is not acceptable to us even at trial production stage. We tried designing on our own but with repeated production eventually, resulting in a higher cost. Isn't there any method of cutting down costs?

Let us take care for you !

INABA has extensive experiences in manufacturing precision special packing sand has established a speedy system to cope with original packings manufacture.

Our main feature is carrying out computer simulation using 3D dimensional data thus ensuring the most precise layout planning speedily and also minimizing mistakes reduces overall costs.

For the manufacturing of original packings you can be assured of our advanced technology and planning .Contact us for more details.

What is the feature of elastomer pressure conductive sensor? (INASTOMER)

The device is an example of a nanocomposite, that is a composite made by mixing different materials with unique properties.

In this case, tiny beads of carbon ranging in diameter from 1 micron to 10 microns and particles of an alumina-type ceramic around 20 nanometers in diameter are mixed into silicone rubber melted in a crucible.(A micron is one-millionth of a meter, a nanometer is one-billionth).

Silicone rubber is not conductive, and the nanocompsite, at rest will not allow an electric current to pass. The carbon particles do conduct electricity, however.
So when pressure is applied and the composite deforms and carbon particles come into contact with one another, they form a pathway for the flow of electricity.
This is the mechanism used by the pressure sensor to signal that it has touched or been touched by something.
The alumina particles help disperse the carbon particles more evenly throughout the silicone rubber, making the flow of current more stable and boosting the sensitivity of the sensor.
At the same time, the alumina helps preserve the flexibility and the elasticity of the rubber.
The new pressure sensor can detect contacts across a continuous range of forces,. from a very light touch to strong pressure.
When the pressure is relaxed, the device returns to its original shape.
In addition, the sensor can be processed into both flat and rounded shapes.

What do I get by purchasing INASTOMER ?

By Purchasing Inastomer trial kit you are able to see and try for yourself and be convinced of its special features. and you might be interested in our Elastomer rubber pressure sensor and also in our future project of high level technology for robot which might meet your needs.

How many kinds of Inastomer Elastomer pressure conductive sensors and how many designs do you have?

These are the basic Inastomer series

  • Flexible plank (SF Series)
  • Flexible plank dome type (SF-R Series)
  • Stroke pressure sensor (SS)
  • Plastic molded cover (SP series)
  • Rubber molded cover (SR series)
  • Rubber molded cover dome type (SR-D series)
  • Rubber molded push type(SR-P series)

These items can be manufacture in different shapes, sizes according to your needs and requirements. We also customized pressure sensor as per client specification.

Can two or more INASTOMER be used simultaneously ?

Usually, two or more Inastomer are used simultaneously when measuring the pressure distribution of the loaded part.

Technology Guide

Usage example [INASTOMER]

Usage example [Pressure distribution system device(PX)]

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